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Babies' Poo-poo Can Speak - Wellingo

Babies’ Poo-poo Can Speak

How is your baby’s gut health?

“Babies’ Poo-poo Can Speak” is an exhibition that raises awareness on babies’ intestinal flora and gut health. This is important because when kids have a healthy digestive system, it is likely to influence their wellbeing.

There exist more than a trillion good bacteria in our intestine and they are key to protecting us from infection and illness. The good bacteria help us with digestion and train our immune system to recognise invaders, protecting us from sickness and disease. However, babies are born without gut bacteria so they establish and develop a gut flora and immune system within the first couple of years.

Your baby’s poo-poo can speak   

One way to understand your baby’s gut health better is by looking at its stools. If parents become more attentive to babies’ stools, such as the smell, the shape and the colour, they may be able to understand their baby, it’s signals and general wellbeing much better. Infants often communicate by weeping and squalling when they experience indigestion problems as for instance constipation, blowting and colic. This is their way of communicating with the parents and telling about the discomfort. But it can be difficult for parents to decode whether the crying is caused by e.g. pain, fatigue or hunger, and this makes many parents feel all at sea.

Nevertheless, one way to approach this problem is by communicating with the baby’s poo-poo because the appearance of the stools may reveal a lot about their baby’s gut health. By doing this the parents may learn to understand the baby’s general wellbeing better and it may be easier for them to learn how to help their baby in the best possible way, despite they cannot communicate directly through the use of language.

We want parents to perceive their child’s stools as the baby’s mouthpiece – a second language. If parents are attentive to their babies’ stools, they may understand their babies’ health better!

Illustrations made by children’s books illustrators

We have teamed up with a number of talented children’s books illustrators in order to shed light on babies’ gut health in a communicative and enjoyable way. Doing this has enabled us to communicate about babies’ gut health, stools in the various shapes and colours, as well as to elevate an issue of everyday life that the majority of parents can recall. Each illustrator has interpreted the topic and imprinted her personal style on the illustrations. You will find all the illustrations on our Facebook page or read more about the illustrators here:

(Pia Olsen for Wellingo)

The exhibition is supported by IPA

Our idea is supported by IPA (International Probiotics Association). IPA is an international organisation with members equally divided between industry and academia. The organisation’s goal is to provide a forum for the exchange of research and the latest breakthroughs in probiotic technology and product development. Additionally, they work with government bodies and industries to assist in establishing scientific standards for probiotic supplements and functional foods.

When is the next Wellingo event?

Keep an eye on our blog once in a while to get updated on new events for pregnant women, babies and parents. We also post regularly on Facebook and Instagram, so follow us to keep updated on new about probiotics, gut health, intestinal flora, pregnancy, birth etc. 

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