Free Family Exhibition

Babies Poo-poo Can Speak

Come by and take part in the fun and inspiring family exhibition the 11th of december (10AM-4PM) when Mogens Dahl opens up for Wellingo’s free pop up-exhibition “Babies Poo-poo Can Speak”.

You’ll see imaginative and cute illustrations made by children book illustrators Pia Olsen, Lea Leten, Pernille Egetoft and Ulrika Kestere who have interpreted and illustrated the theme “Babies Poo-poo Can Speak” and thereby contribute to illuminating a rather neglected topic about babies’ microbiota and intestinal flora. 

The exhibition will display illustrations of children, going to the lavatory, full diapers and dancing poops, and the exhibition makes a foundation for dialogues and debates about parents’ understanding for and attention toward babies’ and children’s gut health and stools. 

Activities for kids and playful souls

For the creative kids there will be painting activities where they will be challenged in illustrating things that they associate with the theme “Babies Poo-poo Can Speak”. Likewise we will have photo activities with SmileCube where you and your child can get a polaroid with funny poop-props. For the adventurous guests who have the guts to try we have free poop-looking chocolate cupcakes. Everything is for free!

The pop-up exhibition is for the entire family and friends and since the event is a pop-up event only this day we advice you to save the date and mark your calendar!

Wellingo Biotics

Wellingo is a Danish probiotic brand. We provide 4 different products for pregnant women, newborns, infants and toddlers.