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Wellingo at Food Festival - Wellingo

Wellingo at Food Festival

The biggest Nordic Food Festival

Last weekend was filled with fun, food and families, as we visited the largest Nordic food festival, Food Festival in Aarhus, Denmark. The festival has more than 30,000 guests in one weekend and it has become a fun attraction for many families. 

Food Festival celebrates innovative, new foods; food technology; chefs; food workshops and other food related events. This is also where you will meet some of the biggest food companies and newest food startups from Denmark.

Meeting the consumers

Wellingo took part in the festivity for the first time this year. We wanted to meet our potential customers and listen to your stories about intestinal health, stools, pregnancy, parenthood and food supplements. It appeared that many of you had experienced trouble with your babies and their intestinal floras during the first couple of years. For many women it had also been an issue during pregnancy.   

(Picture: Wellingo at Food Festival)

Maternity and early life microbiome

Imbalance of the gut flora and constipation are common problems during pregnancy, as the body is under a lot of pressure and stress. This may cause physical discomfort and fatigue. For many women this remains a problem during the entire pregnancy, as they fail to find a solution to the discomfort. The same apply to babies/infants/toddlers whose intestinal floras may take months or years to fully establish, and they may thus experience indisposition and ache in the first years.  

Probiotics occur naturally in the human body – we all have about 100 trillion bacteria in or around your body. However, if our bodies are exposed to a lot of stress (e.g. in relation to exposure to environmental toxins, excessive hygiene practices, and the overuse of antibiotics), we may need to support our intestinal floras with probiotic food supplements.  

Wellingo Biotics

Wellingo Biotics are probiotic food supplements developed for pregnant women, newborns, infants and toddlers (3 y/o+) and we shared some of our products with the interested parents and kids at Food Festival. 

Thanks to all the families who shared their stories – good and bad. We hope that a little Wellingo will help you and your babies’ intestinal problems in the future!