Wellingo celebrates one year anniversary

An eventful first year!

Wellingo was established in March one year ago. During that year, Wellingo’s products have gone from the early development stage to being sold both online and in physical stores.

A lot has happened during the past year and we are so proud of how far we have come. The essentials are in place and now we are looking forward to the future development of our business, which we are already working on, says Rendong Li, Managing Director, Wellingo.

90 percent of the production is sold in China and one of the future plans is to build an equally strong market in Denmark.

Our products are mostly sold in online pharmacies in Denmark, but we want to be more visible in the physical stores as well. Therefore, we are in dialogue with 50 stores, who we hope will place our products on the shelves, says Rendong Li.

The anniversary was celebrated with neighbors, partners and colleagues in Agro Food Park, Aarhus, where Wellingo is located.

Wellingo Biotics

Wellingo is a Danish probiotic brand. We provide 4 different products for pregnant women, newborns, infants and toddlers.