Seven successful days in Indonesia

The interest for Wellingo’s probiotics was great at the children- baby- maternity-expo, CBME, in Indonesia

How do you find the right people who can help you with the import and distribution of probiotics to children and pregnant women in Indonesia? You go to the children- baby- maternity-expo, CBME in Jakarta, Indonesia!

Therefore, Wellingo spent seven days networking in Indonesia by the end of March.

– The exhibition is mostly business to business so it was a great opportunity for us to meet potential partners, who can help us entering the Indonesian market, says Rendong Li, Managing Director, Wellingo, who experienced a great interest for Wellingo’s products in Indonesia.

– We met a lot of relevant actors from the industry in Indonesia, and as a positive surprise we met a lot of potential collaboration partners, who can help us in other markets and countries, too.

It was the first time Wellingo exhibited at a fair, but it will for sure not be the last.

– It has been so exciting to meet people from the industry and tell them face to face about our products. We were the only company with probiotics at the exhibition, and we found that there are no products like ours in the Indonesian market right now, says Rendong Li and continues:

– Probiotics were well-known to most of the people we talked to, but the majority were familiar with probiotic products in other forms such as dairy products.

No concrete collaboration agreements are made yet, but these will hopefully be in the bag within the nearest future.

– We are in the process of following up on the contacts we made, and we hope that it will result in some strong collaborations with partners who can import and distribute our probiotics in Indonesia. We are thankful for the great contacts we made at CBME and look forward to getting our products out in a wider market, says Rendong Li.

Wellingo Biotics

Wellingo is a Danish probiotic brand. We provide 4 different products for pregnant women, newborns, infants and toddlers.